MEmeS \TOP 5

Hey guys today I am going to write about memes. We all know what memes are, they are funny, offensive, cool and much more but today I, the greatest meme critic, meme maker, meme designer. will give you a lesson of memes. so lets start with the MEmeS

Meme no 5. Thanos memes

As you know thanos is the greatest villain we ever had cause of his memes. Thanos is a villain in the marvel universe who wiped out half of the entire universe. At the end the marvel superheroes defeated Thanos but actually I kind a felt bad because he was the best meme villain in the whole world. First of all, Thanos looks like a grape with a human body. Second, he is a philosopher. He has the best quotes in the whole history of the world. This man (grape alien) can beat any philosopher with his beautiful quotes. like “perhaps I treated you too harshly” or “perfectly balanced”. Thanos is a villain that we will never get in a 100 years. I give this meme big PP

Meme no 4. Fortnite memes

There is a game that all the kids play these days, that is called Fortnite. I mean its practically dead now. But a new season came out where they added a tsunami to the game. I personally hate fortnite because they copy everything, and their community is weird (pls like the blog so fortnite kids doesn’t destroy me please). and their quotes like “sweaty” or “bot”. I am not here to criticize fortnite, but I like the game because of its memes. Like the fortnite song by Quckity and stuff. fortnite kids are the best part of this meme. They start shouting over small things which get really hilarious sometimes. And their default dance is the best dance the world has created. there is another big meme and one of my favourite, YouTuber Ali A. My god his reactions are the best in the world. So, fortnite gamers you get smile from me. I also give this meme big PP

Meme no 3. WW3 memes

This year has not been that great, many bad things have happened like the pandemic, Australian bush fire, hantavirus outbreak and many more. But the first incident was the WW3. See the things about meme is that how much ever worse the situation is, the better memes become. So that’s why memes are live savers. As in the beginning of the year there was threat of WW3. So many people started making fun of it like ooh fortnite gamers are going to be drafted and they are going to crank 90s. but you know what WAR BAD. WAR BAD war is not good. . Like ninja (fartnight streamer) is going to lead the army of streamers and also people started photoshopping ninja in army uniforms. People started making memes like- enjoying Arabian music when we are caught by the Iranian army.  This meme get half PP

Meme no 2. Coffin dance

This meme was made recently. This meme was recent and my god this meme almost destroyed the best meme in the world. This meme is based on the death ceremonial dance of the beautiful country of Ghana. The song is called Astronomia. This song was put into the meme that made it really famous. The dancers are very popular now and own a small business because how famous they are. The dancers were really surprised when they reacted to themselves getting popular overnight. This meme can be added to anything. So that makes the meme so popular. Love you Ghana. big PP

Meme no 1. Ricardo Milos

This is the most popular meme ever cause of its humor. This meme is about a Brazilian bodybuilder dancing. His dance moves and smile makes this meme is so special. This man could defeat Thanos and Shrek together. Instead of explaining, you should just watch it. This man is MR worldwide because he is a Brazilian wearing an American underwear and dancing to a Swedish music made by BASSHUNTER dota. The music is inspired from the game Dota.

so guys thats it for today if you are offended with any part or din’t like it i am sorry. But please do comment and ask me about it so thank you guys for reading the blog see you in the next one. wait wait …. i have a small request can we please make this song legal in India please. My instagram post got blocked due to this song. So, guys can we please get BASSHUNTER to make this song legal in India. please guys help. so thank you and i hope you can finish my request bye. Biggest PP, best meme.

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