school classes but online

hey guys are been a while since I wrote my last blog. This time I am going to write about online classes. Before any lockdown or any of this horrible time we actually liked homeschooling we would be so happy if we got a holiday. But now everyone, yes u, hate it.

Ok let’s come down to the first topic

Computers and Microsoft teams.

Most of your schools would choose Microsoft teams of zoom but I would suggest discord. Discord is the best app to use as it is easy and has so many features that zoom and Microsoft teams combined have. So, children love to play on the screen. Now days children’s life is playing games. The person who failed at school gets more money than a person who topped the school. This is called the wonderful world of the internet. In this beautiful world you can be a millionaire anytime and anywhere. This beautiful world is beloved by little kids. I am not trying to say that internet is a bad thing, we should not use it but listen to my point. Little kids are going to rule the world soon and that’s true. Cocomelon the kid’s nursery rhymes channel is not only going to beat PewDiePie in subscribers but also T series. That channel gets about 60M vies per day. That’s the reason Kids are just going to beat adults in using the internet. Before in 1990 when for the first-time internet was in use everyone was using it to find out about facts, knowledge, history etc. but now people are using it to play FORTNITE. The main point over here is that online classes on any screen device is bad for the eyes and wearing earphones for a long time is not good so please avoid.

Teachers and children during online classes/ its everyday bro

Teachers are good but I have only one problem. Every day every first period the teachers gives us a lecture about rules and regulations about online classes. This makes me very angry, but I know that is rules are very important and I know why they say it. Every day one or the other student will go to the chat box and type some useless things on it. “Bro this class looks very long” these are the words which are written on the chat box. When the teachers to not chat on it. I will give you tip please do not do any pranks cause if you are caught you will be expelled. This year I was joint a new school so, online made it easier as it explained everything I have to do.

Online classes side effects

Have you guys ever felt that after watching a movie you lose control over yourself, exactly it’s the same. Except longer. One more tip when you have your 15 min break do not waste it by eating your snacks just do a normal eye exercise. After sitting for at least five hours and then trying to rest that time your brain will be thinking many universal thoughts. Comment down if you felt like that. After a five-hour school lecture I lose control over half of my brain at least for a hour. And I look very worn out. I have also taken an image of myself after the five hours. Look below=

Sometimes I start to play while online classes because my eyes are completely worn out. But what can you do we have to face it.

My final opinions

See guys I am not saying that online classes are bad and stuff. Its kind a learning experience. In this time, we should follow it for our and others benefit so pls corporate. One day this will all be over and then we can play, dance, learn, enjoy together without the screen. I know all of you miss physical classes, but it will all come soon.

So, guys if you like this blog you can also read my other blogs (my other blogs were written two years ago, and I was little cringy back then) and I will see in the next blog.


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