Playing Possum

Hello readers today I am going to write a on a catchphrase. This catchphrase is called playing possum than means playing dead. This catchphrase is quite popular when you train your bird or dog to play dead. This usually happens when you make a gun sign your animal will act dead. This case is just not with animals it is also for us. When people say if there is bear chasing you just act dead it will not do anything. Playing possum can save lives if your near dangerous animals.

I will tell you a really funny incident on a movie. I know everyone has seen the Madagascar 2 movie. I love the scene in which the safari dude thought that he crashed Private, but Private was playing possum. He hit his head with an egg and added ketchup on his body. Then Skipper and the rest of the team steals the jeep while the safari dude was giving Private a CPR. Rico took in so much air that he became a balloon and flew back to the jeep. Kowalski, Skipper, Rico started the jeep and were about to escape then came the old lady she was going to attack them but the crashed her ran away with the jeep. That scene in the movie was the funniest.

We can also teach our animals to act possum. This takes weeks of practice.

The possum comes the animal opossum. This animal is very smart. When it feels there is threat occurring it acts dead. The word is derived from this animal. This animal is a marsupial and is found in the western hemisphere. It is illegal to have them as pet.

I will see guys in my next blog.

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