the tips to help the country during this pandemic

Hello readers today I am going to write a blog. Today I am going to write about how I am going to take care of my country during this pandemic. I live in India. India has the biggest lockdown in the world in which 1.32B people need to stay in their homes. I know that everyone is exited to get out of their homes. But that can result in another outbreak. We need to stay in our homes as until the cure is found.

so, these are my opinions if I was the prime minister.

In India many people are starting riots as they are unable to stay home. If riots continue during this time, then this pandemic can get much worse. We need to stop riots as it can give influence on other people to join in. I know that many people unable to get enough food, sanitations, and clothes. But we need to stay inside because when people are let out this virus can spread from one person to another and cause the whole world to be affected this allows the virus to mutate and create a much stronger and deadly.

The second topic is we are going to cover is that how are we going to buy are groceries. Instead of buying unhealthy and fatty food like chips, sugar biscuits and other junk can cause your immune system to fail and when if chance you get like a fever then your immune system will not be ready to face the new virus. Instead we eat healthy food and improve our body functions. So, now do we buy the groceries from the shops. This key part because we humans don’t know how much of quantity of things we want in a time. So better do the maths and find out how much of food do you or your family need at time. We should also follow some rules like eating the same amount food as that reduces panic buying. If we all panic buy, then will be less food others then that can cause another riot which helps the virus to spread more.

The last topic we are going to cover today is how are we going to help the poor as they are the ones who are affected the most during this lockdown. Governments should make camps and allow the them to stay inside. They should also provide them clean food, good healthcare and clean drinking water. They should also provide them some new clothes and also check their body temperature everyday so that they don’t have the virus. This will benefit them and also stop riots.

So that is it for today and see you in my next blog

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