what if animals ruled us?

Hello readers. Today I am going to write blog on fiction. This blog is about how life would be if animals rule us. If animals rule us, then we had to be in a collar and fed old food. there can also be many disadvantages like we would be hunted and troubled always. But there can be advantages also like we can have strong powers.

Being an animal can be very difficult especially when someone is ruling over you. You will be used for human products and hunters will capture you. Humans also trap animals in small area such as zoo for their gain. Animals are not given their freedom and not their place.

So now imagine what if animals actually ruled us then we would find our mistake how we are treating them. Animals will come and look at us at zoos and we would be trapped in cages. Animals will start to walk as IQ will increase for them. We would be roaming in the jungle as animals will take over cities. If animals got a chance for a day to change into humans, then they would treat us in the worst manner because of how much we have troubles and killed them. This is not just about joke. This is serious. Many species of animals get extinct every day. We always need to protect our surroundings.

The extinct Floridan Black Wolf

To conserve our animals, we need to stop deforestation and start afforestation. The royal Bengal tiger which is the national animal of India is endangered. Tigers need a lot of space to live just like humans and it’s our duty to conserve them. Every animal is important to us. Like the herbivores which helps in the food chain. Carnivores are responsible for eating the herbivores and maintain a good balance in nature. We also need to put a ban in poaching which can cause a species to go endangered.

If we follow these steps, we can safe many species and keep balanced living on earth. See you in my next blog.

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