what I am going to do in this lockdown

Hi readers today, I’m going to write another blog. This blog is about what habit I am going to follow in this lockdown. We are all closed in the house. In other words, you can’t walk or play outside. It makes us lazy and makes us obese. u to avoid this, I’m going to practice at my house every day.  

I watch tv in the morning and play in the evening.  I play YouTube videos and follow the exercise. I do this for about an hour every day. This keeps my body healthy and active. My mom also does the exercise with me. My mom plays the videos and make me do it. Mostly we do Zumba and other cardio exercises. I take a break every half an hour. In the break I drink some water.

keep exercising so that the virus does not attack you

I also started learning to cook as it is important. I learned basic things in cooking like cutting vegetables and boiling it. I also am trying to learn basics of a new language and then learn.

 I convey everyone to not go outside but do or learn something new in this free time. After 21 days also I am going to follow this habit.

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