Islands and planes

Hello readers today I am going to write blog about a picture my blogging teacher gave me. This picture reminds me of islands. We can describe this picture by flying in a plane and looking down at the land. I see many trees and houses in the island and also a port. We also find the plane very close to land that means it also going to land. This picture reminds me of my trip to the Andaman Islands.

When I was in the Andaman Islands, I visited many islands and beaches. Some of the beach’s turquoise and some dark blue. I went to many beaches and visited more than 5 islands. Each island had its own city. The beaches were also beautiful because of its beaches

Many of the buildings in this picture are red in color. There is also a main part of the island where there are many buildings. There is also a mountain towards the end of the island. I can’t see many people around the island as the plane is in a high altitude.

Have you ever noticed that when you are travelling in a high altitude your ear gets blocked and it is very uncomfortable. To avoid hat we can chew gum. When was I was in Andaman, I saw many beaches and played in forests. It is was really fun.

Even you guys should visit islands because it is very fun and you will have a unforgettable experience.

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