An agathokakological king

Hello readers today I am going to write a blog of an agathokakological king. Agathokakological means the one who is good and evil.  The story begins when a king falls ill. The kingdom is very sad due to the king falling ill. The king ruled his kingdom without any trouble. He had the proper number of soldiers and paid them good salary. He also had many things in his kingdom. He had built big hospitals. He had the proper water system and had all the necessities needed in a country. But there was one problem, he would punish people very badly even if it was a small mistake. He was also very rude to his kingdoms people.

When the king fell sick, he called many doctors to treat him. He also said that the people who don’t cure him will be killed and the person who treats him will earn 1000 gold coins. He did it by throwing them into jail or killing them. At last a man came to help him. Instead treating him he advised him to not be agathokakological. The king didn’t like it and threatened him. He then said if you raise your temper more you are going to fall more ill. The king did not care but wanted to kill him. The man escaped through narrow tunnel. The king then said his soldiers to catch this man.

After a few days the man was nowhere to be found. The king was still sick, and it was getting worse. He then understood that because of his temper this was happening. He then stopped the strong rules on his kingdom and after that the king became a kind man and also swore that he will never be agathokakological.

Thanks for reading my blog. See you all next time.                            

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